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October 10, 2011 / Steve Hennigs

Sales in a rut? Try some yoga!

I used to have a preconceived notion about the practice of yoga.  I thought it was easy and that it would not be a great workout (although I had never tried it).  I went for the traditional exercise routine of lifting weights and running.  I was not interested in thinking outside the box.

Then my wife started doing yoga and asked if I would come to a class with her.  She had been to a few classes and said how hard it was and how much of a workout she was getting.  I was not sold.  She and I usually run together for exercise and have run a few races together.  Exercise is one of the things we enjoy doing together so I finally agreed.

Wow!!  Let me be the first to say that I was wrong about yoga.  That is a very hard practice and I got one heck of a workout in the hour-long session.  I am convinced this will be a great change of pace for me and will strongly supplement my exercise habits.

My point in all this as it relates to sales is that you cannot be afraid to try something new just because you are used to doing things one way.  As Seth Godin puts it in his recent post, Roads not taken:

Kick yourself all day about the stupid thing you said, the bug you introduced, the promise you failed to keep. That’s pretty common.

Perhaps you should think about the stock you didn’t buy, the innovation you didn’t pursue, the compliment you didn’t give?”

If all you do is cold call, start emailing to prospect as well.  If you refuse to use social media, get going.  If you only believe in running, try some yoga.  Whatever you are not doing simply because you have preconceived notions about it, give it a try.  It may end up being much more productive than you think.

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