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November 7, 2011 / Steve Hennigs

Professional and Personal Gains from Blogging

I have posted at least once a week on this blog for over four months now and I got to thinking today about how this blog has benefitted me.  I wanted to share those observations in hopes that others will begin blogging or that current bloggers could share their benefits as well.  I can honestly say that starting this blog and sticking with it has benefited me both professionally  (I am in sales) and personally in a variety of ways.  These benefits are not ordered by importance in any way.

Further strengthened my continuous search for knowledge

Even before starting this blog I did try to learn new things as often as possible.  That being said this blog has forced me to go even further in that quest.  By setting a goal of posting at least once per week it is important that I actually have something interesting to talk about!  This need for knowledge has made me very aware of many outlets that can provide me with valuable information.  Books, newspapers, other blogs, video, online content, LinkedIn discussions, Twitter, other social media options, and word of mouth are all assets I now feel more in tune with and am taking advantage of.

This has made me a better sales person due to the fact that I am simply more informed with the trends in the industry I work with which is providing Software as a Service for legal web and marketing professionals.  I think it makes very little difference what industry you are in, you will benefit from being more informed on a day-to-day basis.  For me, this blog has been a great catalyst in that regard.

Better writing

Maybe I am mistaken (and feel free to comment if you think that is the case) but I feel like I have become a much better writer due to this blog.  Not just in the way I write, but being a bit more attentive to the details.  Grammar, spelling, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, making sure I give credit to sources where credit is due, and simply putting my thoughts down on paper in a way that can be understood by a broad audience.

This is incredibly valuable in sales as I am constantly writing emails to prospects that must be engaging, professional, and easy to understand.  This is especially true due to the fact that I am selling software which can get a bit technical so writing in a way that can be easily understood is critical.  I again find it hard to imagine that this would not be beneficial regardless of your profession if you have to do any writing whatsoever. Doctors, CPA, lawyers, business owners, support staff, and countless others could certainly be more effective if they wrote better.  Blogging has certainly had an impact on my writing.


This blog has provided me a platform to reach out to many people I may have otherwise never come into contact with.  I have met prospects, thought leaders, authors, and a variety of other interesting people simply by publishing my posts and utilizing social media.  Clearly any business I generate from this blog is a huge benefit and I believe I will start seeing that in the next few months but simply being in conversation with influential people in my industry will only strengthen my ability to generate that business in the future.  Who doesn’t want more business?!

I think things through

This has been a huge personal gain for me.  Not to say that I simply did things with no thought behind them in the past but I can certainly tell that I have been more thoughtful since starting this blog.  It could be a maturity thing as I am still fairly young but because I am openly sharing my personal opinions to the world through this blog I believe that has in turn made me a more thoughtful individual.  This has of course benefited my professional life but I can also see benefits in my marriage, my friendships, and my family life.  For this very reason  I am incredibly happy I have started this blog even if no one were to read another word.

While there are number of other benefits I have seen I did not want to get too long winded with this post.  Why do you blog?  Would you start blogging if you could realize these benefits as well?

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