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May 7, 2012 / Steve Hennigs

Strategic Law Firm SEO – Book Review

Strategic Law Firm SEO Book

This past week I finished reading “Strategic Law Firm SEO, A Guide to Modern Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms” by Jerry Work  of Virtuoso Legal Marketing “Virtuoso” and I believe that this is a book every Legal Marketer or lawyer in a small/solo law firm should read. I say this for three reasons.

Great writing style

First of all the author, Jerry Work, has a very easy to read writing style and explains some complicated concepts in an easy to understand manner. While search engine optimization (SEO) is certainly important it is still just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing a law firm. With that being the case it is critical that legal marketers be able to understand the concepts of SEO quickly and easily so they can make a decision on whether to tackle the task themselves or hire an outside firm. This brings me to my next point.

Useful information that can be used for multiple purposes

What I think I liked most about the book is that it provided a very detailed overview of current SEO tactics and touched on different ways law firms can use that information.

The most obvious application would be for the law firm to do SEO on their own without any outside help. Mr. Work states clearly in the book that “SEO is a lot of work” but also states that if you follow the tactics in the book and have the time to do so that your firm will be successful.

The second application of the information is that law firms can now be educated on what to look for when hiring an outside company to do their SEO for them. I think that this is the route that most law firms take and unfortunately a lot of law firms make uninformed decisions when doing so. By reading this book law firms can get a good understanding of what an outside company should and should not be doing to enhance the law firm’s search ranking. I honestly think this is the best reason to read this book.

I did not feel like I was being sold to

The final reason that I would recommend this book is that I really did learn a lot without feeling like I was being sold to. As a salesman myself this was very refreshing to see a company write such an informative book without being salesy. Sure Virtuoso will make some money on the book and they do mention their firm as an option to do your law firm’s SEO but it was not often and done in a tasteful way.

Overall I felt that Strategic Law Firm SEO was an easy and informative read with very useful information. I hope that legal marketers who visit this post will take me up on the recommendation and read the book. If you do please come back to the post and let me know if you felt it was any good. How can you apply the information? Do you do your SEO in-house or do you hire out?

As always, thanks for reading.

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